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July 19, 2007


here's another 2 cents about your camera dilemma. If you're not going to use the SLR functions of the rebel or use different lenses etc, there's no reason to spend the extra money. (in my opinion...someone correct me if I'm wrong) You can get point & shoots that have more resolution than you'll ever need, fantastic features & could very likely even surpass your camera needs for much less money. My canon point & shoot has tons of settings & I can even manually change the f-stop & aperture like an SLR. So many of the cool effects are done in photoshop (or other programs). It's fun to have different lenses, but they're not cheap. Plus you can't fit a rebel in your pocket ..or even your purse, unless it's pretty big :-) But, if you do buy one, I KNOW you'll love it. oh, and I don't know if there are newer versions that have video capabilities or not, but my dad's doesn't take video like most point & shoots do.

I love the idea of you listning to Harry Potter music while you read... Just creates a funny little picture :)
I just bought my new camera and I got a cannon power shot. I really want a rebal, but the truth is, it is going to take a lot to learn how to use it and its so big I figured one really needs a good point and shoot anyway. So for now I bought the small one, and someday when I have time, I am going to invest in a SLR and learn ho to use it.
Oh ya, and she is stinkin cute isn't she!

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