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August 19, 2007


What a wonderful thing. I am trying to live more like that. With no regrets. Glad that your dad taught you such a lasting legacy. I really wish I had known him (especially after that wonderful service yesterday)...
Love to you all.

Hi Tang, I heard that the funeral was magnificent -so full of the spirit and so full of love. I wish I could have been there. I hope you're hanging in there and having "good days" more than bad. I like your blog. Love, Rainey

You are so inspiring Tang! Everything really was so perfect and beautiful. It has been an amazing blessing to be able to spend time with your family this week and share in a few of your tender moments. The Spirit I've felt and your graceful examples have truly been life-changing for me! I'm so grateful you feel at peace ~ I know the Lord and your Dad will be sending you lots of strength to carry on his work and your own!

I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I feel lucky to have spent some time with him back in the day of meetings at your house and bridal fairs. I stumbled upon your blog tonight and am very impressed with your new digital adventure. I know you will make this a success like you have so many ventures before. You are one of the most creative talented people I know! You always find your niche and inspire at the same time. I sure wish I had a digi-clue! Can an old dog be taught new tricks?

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