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August 28, 2007


Love it. The Muppet Show was a weekly family event at our house too. So was your crush Han or Luke? I was in love with Luke and even had my own action figure of him. We ate a Matta's tonight (YUM-O)and I half expected to see you there. : ) Liz

I love it Tangie!! I downloaded all your freebies! Keep 'em coming and let me know as soon as the store opens!

Luke of course ;)

Love it!
In addition to the apparently common Luke crush, I was Princess Leia for Halloween one year...I'm sure many of us were...but how many of us has the buns on the sides of our heads made from our own "past your but" length hair :-) I love getting all nostalgic!
I also just have to say that I miss you Tang!
oh, and I think you should change the phone # on the post-it on your header (is that what it's called?) to 867-5309 :-)

What a fun idea! I too loved the Muppet Show. Wonderful. This is a great idea.

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