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September 28, 2007


I am only embarassed you put that because I sound so stupid the way I wrote that! I'm a dork. BUT...I am soooooooo thankful for the explanation. I wish more people knew the rules. You are the best. Thanks for devoting a whole post on my behalf. I hope someone else learned a thing or two! :)
I can't wait to figure out how to legally and correctly do all of this. Thanks a million for this. I know you have a trillion other things to be doing than helping me. THANKS TANGIE!!!!!!

well crap! i am informed now. maybe i should take care of my blog. poop! now my blog will be ugly again. ok thanks for the information tangie, now I'll go remedy this. love love my topper still! i wonder if i can my my photobucket private?! i'll gonna go see. happy Saturday!

i am officially retarded! typos typos everywhere! i was saying Make my photo bucket private and I am gonna go see if i can. or I'll go see. is it apparent i have adhd? scrambled thoughts galore!

Does anyone want to write a tutorial on how to use digital scrapbook stuff on blogs with out using photobucket? Perhaps Fliker which can be private? Anyone Anyone? I'll give you a gift card to the store!!!!

Oh hooray! Julie has taken up the task of writing the tutorial! YAY JULIE!

Isn't Julie amazing????
I love her.

Hurray for Julie for helping make our blogs beautified with Tangie accesories! I can't wait to have some real free time! Thanks Tangie and Julie!

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