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October 20, 2007


Thanks for sharing your dad's "life sketch". He is a great guy & an amazing Pachie. I think the greatest tribute to him is how much he is loved, by so many....but especially your family. I really think that is my favorite memory of him - that he loved you SOOO much & always showed it in his words and actions.
HUGS to you & your family.
It was good to talk to you last night...It made me miss you even more.
Love you!!!

Thank you for sharing your dad's life sketch. So many people could learn from that quote. Life goes by so fast and we need to fight to enjoy every second.

Tangie, you did such a fantastic job on your dad's life sketch! I am so proud of how you and your family have handled your dad's passing. You are all truly an inspiration and example!
Just know that you are loved!
And I am really LOVING this LO!

What a lovely tribute.

The quote on your LO for your Dad is great! That alone says so much about who he was to you.

Thanks so much Tang! My Mom & I are glad to have a copy of your beautiful words. It was so special to be able to spend yesterday with your family - love you lots!!!

Thanks sis. With mom here I've been behind on checking your site daily. This was sweet on dad's b-day - lovely page. Love you.

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