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October 21, 2007


My dad's waffles/strawberries/ice cream are my favorite breakfast for dinner! Eggos are right up there in the 'dessert for a meal' catagory :-) mmmmmmmm!

favorite movie as a many...but the one I'm thinking of is Pete's Dragon. I LOVE that movie & even had the record of the sound track (does that make me old or what!...yes, I was 4yrs old when it was released).

We are totally having waffles for dinner tomorrow night for FHE! I think my favorite movie as a kid was "A Far Off Place" with Reese Witherspoon when she was a kid. It's a good one!
And I loved watching Fraggle Rock on HBO. Not a movie, but still good stuff...

What a fun night! We had pancakes and the best part was that my husband (the Breakfast Man) cooked!!! One of my favorite movies when I was a kid was Hello Dolly. I also liked Swiss Family Robinson.

How FUN! Once in a while growing up, we would have breakfast for dinner. I liked that. However, my hubby thinks it's just wrong. ha ha. He thinks it's not filling enough or something. LOL. Anyway, I love all those same movies! I loved all the old Disney classics, like the original Parent Trap w/ Haley Mills. I saw Grease as a kid and totally fell in love w/ John Travolta. I even had a poster of him in my room. ha ha :) Hey, just read your other comments. I totally loved Fraggle Rock, too! I loved Karate Kid & Flash Gordon, too.

ok i loved chitty chitty bang bang, with dick van dyke. also annie, any disney movie except watcher in the woods. oh my other faves were Savannah smiles, and firestarter with the young drew barrymoore. loved it
and assorted musicals like music man, my fair lady, singing in the rain , dr. doolittle, brigadoon, Oklahoma, sound of music, and maybe some others i can't remember. love it! good post!

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