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November 28, 2007


those are darn adorable! and she looks lovely!
bummer she looks older to you now though.

She is lookin so cute! Tell her I love it :)

too cute! :) very classy frames ~ she does look so mature & smart!

She is so adorable! Those frames are perfect for her face!

I love the frames- they really suit her!

WOW! Beautiful!
She looks great!

She looks so cute. Glad she was ok with getting them. Hope you are feeling better soon. : ) Liz

I'm pretty sure those are the same glasses I have! Love em! What a little woman she's turning into!

well, pretty much everyone else has said how cute she looks...but I'll chime in too. Tell her I think she looks fabulous in her glasses! Now she looks as smart as she is (not that she looked not smart before, but you know what I mean). Give her a big hug for me. & I hope you are feeling better!

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