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November 14, 2007


that smells good, but i have to go with my always favorite cinnamon (or apple cinnamon, apple pie, etc - anything cinnamon). in the fall i love pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice. i once had a gold canyon candle - candy cane scent. that smelled so good. i burned the candle every day til it was gone (which didn't last very long considering the number of hours it burned each day). i miss that one!

hey i just realized you changed your blog banner. lovin it! so cute, esp the sticky notes!

I have to agree with Andrea on the cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice type scents. I'm loving the wall flower I bought from B&'s cinnamon clove or something like that. I also like the smell of a fresh christmas uncle always cuts down a tree for my parents & the fresh sap smells so good!

It has to be the pine needles on the christmas tree! LOVE that! By the way love your new blog look, it's way darling, so festive and so you!

I love the smell of fresh pine trees - too bad we have a fake tree now (waaaa!), but I also like the apple/cinnamon thingy and I like cinnamon roll/pumpkin pie smell too.

Love the Christmas festivities going on here. Miss you sis. Sure you can't come here for Christmas? Love you!

Oh favorite Christmas smell...well I just bought some wax melters in a pine smell. Although I'm allergic to real pine!!! Baked cookies is a good Christmas scent. Going to get some of those soon.

I love pomegranate cider !!!

My two faves are also my sisters faves...we've burned the same "smells" in tandem for years...Yankee's "Christmas Wreath" and "Christmas Eve". I do NOT like cinnamon, food smells, or flowery smells (that doesn't leave much I realize) but the fresh green smell of the Wreath and the Sweetish smell of Christmas Eve just means Christmas to me and to my kids.

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