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November 13, 2007


What a bummer! But I think we'll live, good luck figuring it out!

whAT a BuMMeR! aLL tHe MoRe rEasOn tO VisIt YoUr FaBu ShOp!

That stinks! What a pain for you. But I admire you for not supporting 4shared if they advertise smut. You go girl!

That stinks....
I know all about people taking your money and running! It really is so rude.
You are awesome!

I don't know how much you were paying before, but you can get 300GB hosting space for 7.95/month if you pay for a year at - a little more if you don't pay a year in advance.

We've used them for years for our website hosting with minimal problems. They might not have as user-friendly of an uploading process, but really, it isn't hard.

Anyway, you should check them out and see if it's a possibility.

Move Digital's site says it will be back up and running no later than Nov. 22... but really, they shouldn't have to keep their customers' accounts down *that* long - they should have some sort of back-up in place. Kind of ridiculous.

Don't worry, Tangie. It will all work out for the best!

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