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February 12, 2008


Happy Blog Birthday! Good for you for keeping it up on a regular basis.

Happy Birthday to your blog!
To think you started all of this with KITC...& now we (almost) all have blogs. I treasure reading about what's going on in your life & watching dreams like Tangie Baxter Designs become a reality!!! HUGS!!!

Happy Birthday to your sweet blog! Thanks for the QP!

happy blog birthday! whoohooo!
and thanks for that quick page. there is a first time for everything and this will be my first time. ahhhhhhh I'm a quick page virgin! totally appropriate for valentines day. i'll save it until then. hubba hubba.
love your blog. and your shop! you are fabulous!

Happy Blog Birthday!! Love this quickpage and Thank you! Thank you! :)

Your blog has always made me "aspire to higher" with my own blog- and really, really want a typepad account... Thanks for sharing with us simple folk!

such a grat quick page! thanks!

Happy Birthday! I too love that you have a blog, you are one of the first ones I check everyday. Thanks for all you do and LOVE the kit! Always fun to get something new!

Happy Birthday to the blog! So fun!! Like I said to Molly...soooo glad you guys have blogs so I can keep tabs on your fun adventures and happenings of your daily lives. Here's to more years of happy blogging!

Happy Birthday to your sweet little blog!
I am so so so glad that I have become friends with are truly one of my "favorites"!

Happy Blog Birthday!! If it wasn't for you and dear KITC, I don't think I would have started one of my own. Thank you for all your inspiration and creativity and for sharing it with all of us. You're the best!!

Happy Belated dear sissy's blog. What a thing you've started - inpiration to me to do this. I sure love you. And I miss my sweet little neice!


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