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April 22, 2008


That is so funny! I hate character clothes & shoes. My older daughter loves them and has a grandma & aunts and even great-aunts who love to buy them for! My parents' favorite thing to do is buy my older daughter shoes that they think will embarrass me... suede moccasins, baby pink pleather boots, sequined leli kellis, & fuschia plastic boots just to name a few! Glad you had a good weekend! It sounds like everyone needs an Aunt Tangie!

I really have a distaste for character clothing as well - well - especially the cutesy stuff. But, I AM ok with Star Wars and Spider-Man for my boys...

But I really, REALLY dislike the little girls' shirts that say things like "Diva", "I love shopping", anything on their rear end, and other things that just *scream* out what a spoiled brat they are. Puh-lease! Like that needs encouraging.

I got upset at my mom once for buying my daughter a swim-suit I wouldn't have picked out (no characters - just BRIGHT) - then she reminded me that it isn't all about ME. She's right. Kids gotta be who they are.

Okay, as a mother of 3 little girls, let me explain the do's and dont's of characters on clothing. It is ALWAYS okay on pajamas - simple because this make them smile ear to ear. It is ALMOST never okay on anything else (except for the occasional T-shirt from the Disney store):)

WHAT FUN! It sounds like you had as much fun as the kiddies!?!
Great job, Aunt Tangie!

So Ali let me get his right My Monster Inc Jamies are good but My Mr Incredible day wear is a fashion No NO ... Got It!

LOL. All over Salzburg... ROFL. Yep you pretty much nailed that on the head. As for the character clothes, that is what aunt tangies are for, and they do make her SO happy. I am with Ali on this one... PJ's are okay, unless we are at Disnelyland, then I am all about it!

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