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May 17, 2008


I totally understand - well, my house is never perfect, and frankly, I've given up trying. But, there is always "something to do" which keeps me from doing the thing I'm most passionate about - art.

This is a great book - it does require some time, but it is extremely helpful in overcoming creative "blocks" (especially the ones we put there ourselves):

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron.

Excellent, excellent book. And not just for artists - for anyone seeking more creativity in their lives.

I think we women hold ourselves up to such (unattainable) high standards, because I too can't do anything for myself unless the house is clean, the kids have met their quota of fun activities for the day, and Orrin is fed and happy. It's something I'm working on too...

I agree with the previous commenters. I think that women in general have a hard time with taking TIME for ourselves. We are so programmed to take care of everyone else's needs FIRST. And you are right, the list of things to do never stops! I think in our religion as well, it is even more difficult. We are constantly striving to preserve the image of perfection. The perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect hostess, the perfect cook, the perfectly clean house ALL the time, the perfectly prepared lessons & handouts. And really isn't the "image" of perfection; we are truly striving to be perfect. BUT at what expense? If we allow these righteous pursuits to inhibit our self-expression what do we become? We need to take time for ourselves and allow ourselves to express our creativity in whatever form it comes so that we have the engergy & desire to continue to pursue excellence and perfection. But there is a fine line between taking time for ourselves and avoiding or neglecting our families. And that is a constant struggle for me. I tend to do everything for my family until I burn out and then I take a day for ME and when I get back from my day, the house is a disaster and the kids are clingy and I throw myself back into taking care of my family's every need. My goal is to find balance and teach my family how to help take care of themselves so I can pursue my creative interests and not ever get to the burn out stage. As you can tell, this is very close to my heart! Good luck!

I totally agree with you Meredith! It's becoming an epidimic! (esp with church thrown in there!) With everyone's blogs we realized there is just so much "out there" more we want to be! Mine is so seriously a Mental Block, AHHH! I had a mild panic attack but I made myself sit down open a Mead composition book and CUT UP my favorite piece of scrapbook paper! AHHHHH! I *CAN* DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned people....stay tuned.

Tangie I just want to tell you that you can do this! Our mental capability is so dependent on non-work activity. Take Joseph Smith for example one day a he was observed playing a game with boys and when a fellow member saw him they mentioned that they thought it was beneath his calling he replied (I could not find the quote) that even he the prophet need a break from the every day.

Not sure what ' 'Junque' book is , but i wish you all the best towards your quest to mental freedom! smiles

WOW -- so i think we are related!! omg.. i soo know what you mean... right down to the 14-18 working with REAL job.. and then making sure all is right to allllow my creative juices to flow.. i am ON IT tonite.. i am creating for the fun of it

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