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June 13, 2008


Love that movie!
How about "I'm not a Witch, I'm your Wife!"

I love this movie!
I love your post too...
I can't BELIEVE that those "older" stars look the way they do! Seriously.

Thanks for the fun!!

I LOVE this movie too! Wow, they sure HAVE gotten older. does that too you right?

Wow that second photo of Cary Elwes is kinda scarry LOL I remember him most from Twister.

I particularly loved the R-O-U-S's (Rodents of Unusual Size). Seriously - whoever wrote that script was brilliant with their "phrase-ology". I'd love to know what other movies they did - definetely a classic and a favorite at our house!

My Favorite line is " GO Easy on him, he's been mostly dead all day." Indigo or "Let me splain. No there is no time let me sum up" Inigo.

Oh I love this movie too. It is a timeless classic. Thanks for the memories.

YES!!! I LOVE this movie!! Hadn't heard of it when a friend brought the movie to my house in 7th grade to watch it! LOVED it from the very beginning!

"Stop Rhyming it and I mean IT...
Anyone want a Peanut?"

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