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June 17, 2008


Oh, I'm sooo sorry :-( HUGS!!!!

TANGIE! I am so glad that you are okay...and seriously, you have THE BEST attitude!!

(And I got to go in your place, if that makes you feel a little bit better! So thanks!)

We missed you Tang! I felt so bad when I got your message. Glad you are ok and didn't die from heat exhaustion or anything! : )

Blurgh! I hate car troubles, but what a great attitude to have! It's like a "no worries, be happy" type of thing. :) Good on you! :)

Of all the plays to miss - I'm sure this was devastating. Oh no, not for you - miss positive attitude. I'm so proud of you and what you have to teach all of us through your hard experiences. I'm sure there were still a few tears in a quiet moment - and that's okay. Love you.

You forgot the part about the handsome ,Blond ,Well built man that came to your rescue(in record time aka 80 mph home to Res in 45 min) and tried to fix the car, and the wonderful bean soup diner he fixed you.

oh Tang ~ I am so sorry about your awful mishap in the heat!!! ugh. You really do have a great perspective though. We missed you! love & hugs

You were missed! Glad it all turned out okay, at least there was a bashas!

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