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June 12, 2008


Biometric security and control, a growing section of computer science.

Now we know what Santa is bringing Tangie this year ;-)
or maybe what Dave is getting for Father's Day lol

That sounds like a wonderful world indeed! When will it be ready? Hopefully sometime soon! :)

A couple of other things on the wish list - this probably won't help with web-based e-mails, but I can get ALL of my POP e-mails in the same place in Thunderbird (Firefox's brother).

I have 6 e-mail addresses coming into 4 folders which I can access easily from the same interface (without having to open/close all the time). Also, all of the RSS feeds I subscribe to come into there. It's a really cool e-mail/news/blog client. I can check all the e-mails at the same time, or each folder individually, or I could set it up to check them automatically (instead of me pressing the "check mail" button).

Also in Firefox, if you have a bunch of websites in the same bookmarked folder, you can scroll down to that folder and click "open All in Tabs" and it will do just that - open them all in separate tabs of the same browser window. Best of all, Thunderbird and Firefox are free (but you probably already knew that).

You can already do the tabbed websites at the same time if you have the latest version of IE. Go to Tools, then Internet Options. Where you put in the homepage information just hit enter and keep adding them. I'm not sure the most you can do. Open it before getting your coffee and it'll be done when you're back. Mine opens to a photosite and my French Word a Day blog. (Since I'm off anf on too much throughout the day, I don't want to add all my other blogs, like this one, or it'll never load!). You can close each tab individually, too. If you don't want to be bothered with a bunch each time, use a second browser type with it, like Netscape, for other surfing. I only use one, though, since my cookies are in it.

Outlook can also get email from multiple accounts.

Oh, you can also make a .wav file that plays when your computer wakes up from sleeping. You add it through the sounds section of your control panel.

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