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October 11, 2009


All of those are so you! And you'd be AMAZING at any one of them!

Your choices are great! Can you believe I was a teacher and a speaker/trainer? And my five choices would be:
Vintage/Bookshop/Artsy Store Owner
Adventure Traveler Guide (someone who takes people on adventurous travels...)
Textile Historian
Librarian (in an old, cool library)

From July '07 (when I started The Artist's Way):

Fashion Designer
Ice Skater
Interior Decorator/Designer

I had a few more, but to limit the blah-ness of my comment....

I think being an artsy store owner would be cool, too. I wrote a couple paragraphs about that one once.


Hi Tangie! So glad to have found your site! Your creations are fabulous! I love your Wonderland Kit. I wish I'd known about it before I submitted my entries for Somerset. Maybe next time. I always enjoy making more Alice creations. Have a great day!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)

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