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September 22, 2010


What about your mom? She's great at that sort of thing - and good with kids. I saw this company once who helps people start teaching their own sewing classes to kids -- they had a little manual/program, complete with a fashion show at the end of the program. I thought it was a great idea.

Call a small local fabric store if you have one in your town. They will certainly be able to help you out. This is how both my best friend Deb and I learned how to sew since the high school class wasn't really working out. We were lucky to take classes from an older woman in her late seventies that made the MOST beautiful garments that was also well respected in our small town.

I can show you how to sew with a sewing machine pretty much whenever you like. It's easy and fun. What do you want to know? I'm in Apache Junction. Let me know what you need to learn and I'm sure I can help you out.

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