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September 22, 2010


hey! that is totally awesome! i hope she loves it. and sounds like an great business plan.

my kids are all set to go to Heritage academy. they are sold. but whatever they really want i'd probably do EXCEPT homeschool. i just don't have enough sanity to go around.

but whatever works best for you and Sam is totally awesome.

it's hard to go against the socially acceptable norm but it sounds like this is the best thing for her. YAY! that is HUGE! way to go mom listening to her and doing your best to make it happen. KUDOS!

thanks Julie!!! we're thrilled about our journey! I don't think I could make this commitment if I had more than 1 I gotta be honest! :) you rock lady! thank you for taking time to make me feel better! xoxox

Hooray for you! I am sure she will learn so much more and be much happier with you as her teacher. My daughter(a single Mom), has moved three times in three years to find a school that is a good fit for her 15 year-old daughter. You both are taking on a big commitment, but the possibilities are endless. I wish only the best for the both of you.

You can do it! Btw, you don't know me, but I'm a secret admirer of yours at SBG. =)

I've homeschooled my five K-12, with the 5th one (and only girl) now in her senior year of high school.

#1 son - VP at a bank doing commercial loans
#2 son - attorney, licensed in 2 states
#3 son - in med school
#4 son - senior in college; owns a business

I'm not bragging; I just want to reinforce that homeschooled kids can turn out to be happy, healthy, and productive members of society.

Expect ups and downs, smile and look clueless when people tell you how you're ruining your child, and pray a lot.

God bless you in your journey!

PS. I'm writing from the beach were we stay for a few months each year because the kids aren't tied to a school building.

I know several people who home school across the country. I admire them! I would probably do that if I thought I could handle it. I would definitely do that if any of my children were so unhappy in public school. I've tried to talk my older kids into doing e-school, but they want to take drama, etc.

What bugs me about public school out here is there is NO scheduled recess (teachers may give one if they please). Hello -- even employers have to give their adult employees a break every now and then. And, their lunch is only 20 minutes, and they can't get too loud in the lunch room.

I hope it goes well -- I'm sure it will!

Cheers to you guys! I know Samantha will do great. If anyone can be successful with this it is you! I admire your courage and willingness to take on the task, and to be flexible enough to adjust to her changing needs. Baxter University is officially in session! I can't wait to see her fly :)

I think it takes an amazing strong and courageous mom to #1 notice your child is in duress #2 do something about it #3 face criticism and judgement for it #4 Not care about that judgement and criticism #5 dedicate the time to make it happen and #6 not force your child into a pre shaped mold, but allow her to mold herself into whatever she wants to be. You are one of my hero's in this world and I look up to you more than you know. Good luck to the both of you. I can see Samantha now - 20 years old and a millionaire entrepreneur.

Thank you gals-I appreciate your love and support! I can't even tell you the difference I've seen in her in just the last two days. on her OWN she asked for and started the dave ramsey for kids program (she saw how excited we were when we got home from dave ramsey last night--whew glad I bought it awhile back and hadn't told her I had it yet-she was uber impressed when I whipped it out of the closet this morning). anyway she's been a busy bee all on her own planning and sketching and learning to budget.....i know it's only the second day but I have high hopes in this.

I just can't even begin to express what a wonderful step you have taken to ensure your daughter's happiness, well being and future! For anyone that may criticize this decision they obviously have not had a child that is miserably unhappy in public school. I know firsthand what this is like and how it tears them to pieces! My daughter has been torn apart mentally, emotionally, and physically(terrible migraines) by public school. We were one step away from homeschooling when we tried our last option before home...a "career center" that is still public high school but in a much smaller, nontraditional setting with emphasis on learning life applicable job skills. It is amazing the difference this has made! Instead of a fight every morning to get her to go to school she actually looks forward to it! So, kudos to you and your family! It is definitely the right way to go when our kids don't "fit the mold"! BTW, you are also helping your daughter to avoid the peer pressures (drugs, alcohol, etc.) that would inevitably be put upon her in a public school has become really scary!(not that she would even succumb since she obviously has incredible morals and standards but it will lessen the peer judgement of her standards!) Sorry I got so long winded but it is a very close topic to me. ;)

I'm very happy for you and yours. I am a big fan of my public schools locally but I absolutely have had the experience of having to go off grid to do what was right for my child. And I always ask my kids, even when they are very young, to show ownership by participating in the choices that are made,

I just wanted to mention, as we are in the same desert metro area, that this is a great city for homeschooling. As I have been searching for stuff for our girl scout troop, I have found many a program for HS kids. Specifically, I am thinking I saw something at the Desert Botanical Garden and maybe even the Science Center. In fact, making a blog of a great AZ HS curriculum could be an awesome HS assignment. I had to pull my son for a few days while we stayed in a hotel during house painting and supplemented his assigned work with a lesson on radiation by sending him to work with Dad who is a radiologist :). It is amazing how much we ended up covering... history of radiation, biography of Marie Curie, nuclear medicine and nuclear power and nuclear bombs.

Have an amazing journey!

You're absolutely doing the right thing, and by the way, this ain't your momma's homeschooling! Homeschooling is such a vibrant community if you live anywhere near a big town or city, that you can find homeschoolers scouting groups, sports teams, group field trips - tons of resources. I didn't take this route . . . and I regret it.

good for you Tang! Glad to hear you found an option that feels right : )

I don't have children myself. I come from a very large family. I personally believe that each parent has to do what they think is best for their own child. It's not for anybody to judge. So kudos(!) to you and your family for doing what's right for your daughter! Sounds like the quality of her life is about to get so much better.

Homeschool is great! I have three children and I homeschooled one of them from 5th grade to 12th. He absolutely loved it and is very thankful to me, his mom, for doing it for him. He would come home and "struggle" for two hours every night while trying to do homework. He is very bright and is attending college and working towards a degree working with computers. My other two didn't have as hard a struggle with public school and are happy with their choice. I think you made the right choice!

From one of your fans! (ScrapbookGraphics)

I homeschooled for 2 1/2 years. My daughter is going to *gasp* public school for the first time this year. I loved homeschooling but it does take a lot of dedication and patience. Would I ever do it again? You bet! In fact, if I find that my dd's middle school is less than stellar, I will pull her out and do it again until high school. Good luck with it and have fun. I know I did!

I just came across your blog and let me tell you, we just pulled our 13 year old out of 7th grade public school for SO many of the same reasons as you. Homeschooling is widely accepted here in the South, so we don't get criticism, or people are just wise enough to not say it to my face. Feel free to pop in and say hello if you'd like! Have fun and enjoy homeschool! It's a good thing!

Your daughter sounds just like mine; hyper-emotional! She went to Kindergarten for 2 months and turned into a whole different person. Suddenly she couldn't answer the simplest question without a breakdown, she had a stomach ache every day,she cried at the drop of a hat, etc, etc, etc. She even stopped drawing, and drawing was her thing! I mean, this was Kindergarten! There was no way I was going to keep her in there! She is 15 now, and I have never regretted the decision to homeschool. My only regret is that I ever put her in school in the first place. It has taken years to undo the damage caused in 2 months, and she has yet to regain the confidence she had prior to that experience. But she is happy, brilliant, and the most talented artist imaginable. Give children time to breathe, think their own thoughts, and pursue their own path, and they will flourish in the most magnificent ways.
Unfortunately, I have had to deal with a LOT of ignorance and judgment along the way. That part has never been easy. People will maintain that you are abusing your children by homeschooling them, even when all the evidence to the contrary is staring them in the face. In 10 years, it has never let up. I must studiously avoid the subject with my family, and most of my friends. They will never accept my choice as valid, and canvassing it only results in anger for everyone. But it is a price I willingly pay for the benefit of those most dear to me.
Best of luck. Don't let anyone back you down. YOU know what's best for her.

Brava Samantha and Tangie! I hope this school year is bringing the both of you joy and possibilities. I love the "socialization" arguement - usually because no one can defend whatever is left of the pubic educational system. All kids do now is socialize and that is one of the major problems with public schooling; which is one reason why here in California kids cannot pass the exit exam which is geared to an 8th grade level. And parents feel no shame in their childrens behavior or lack of ability to think beyond Saturday night, and their greatest aspiration is to be a "superstar" in their chosen field. Since they have heard how "special" they are (you have to feed the ego or so the professionals say) these kids have no patience, talent, ability to persevere, to practice endlessly, take pride in their accomplishments, and learn from their mistakes. What I see is misguided kids wanting money and fame without a shred of genuine effort being raised by parents to do not feel empowered to really parent without being turned in to CPS for setting and enforcing rules - but instead feed the beast by paying it off with goods they haven't earned and don't appreciate. Parents wanting to be liked as a friend instead of being respected as an elder. (steps off soap box)
Much luck with the Etsy store! The best/brightest kids I know have been home schooled. They are also the most eager to participate and try things like Etsy!

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