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November 07, 2010


oh wow! that looks like so much fun and an amazing trip! I can't wait to get to go someday...
Glad you are home :) Glad you had a great time :)

I have to say there is something truly inspiring in living by the sea. Really a beautiful city all around... and there was so much more we didn't get to see... maybe next time. Tangie how's Thursday sound?

Wow! what a great time you had there, love all the photos. I am going to Artfest in April and am really looking forward to it.

seems like you both had a wonderful experience, besides the scary bedspreads ofcourse! but i'm glad you're back :-)

good golly, I was in awe of everything then got all choke up leaving your child and coming home to a teenager!!
Now...tomorrow back to work!! I have a list..
bha ha ha ha

Sounds like a LOVELY time. :) I can't wait to go to Seattle one of these days with my hubby. And that HP exhibit looks amazing. FUN!!

Wow Tangie! What an amazing time you had! Your journal looks amazing from what I could see from the photos! Definitely would have loved to experience something like that! Jealous about the Harry Potter exhibit as I am a freak about Harry Potter! Glad to have you back though! Missed you! MWAH~~~

What a great trip! It's so cool that Dave supports you so much, I don't think my man would be so supported! And my goodness, the food looks good!

Wow Tangie, this looks and sounds like so much fun! Your pics are wonderful!

Wow...looks like a great trip!!! K...I live in Washington and I've never seen a tree like that "fairy tree" you took either!! LOL!! I'd also REALLY like to know where you got that yummy looking pizza!!! I'm Kelseyll everywhere in digiland...leave me a PM at DST or DSA...PLEASE!!! =) Loved your pics, the food looked great and I hope you LOVED Seattle! I do, when it is SUNNY! =)

So glad to hear you had a great time! We love going up to the old forts up there in Fort Warden. We stay late, and since they are pitch dark, we all run around scaring people, and getting scared to death. And surprisingly, the colder, rainier, and scarier, the better. And even the kids LOVE it.
Love your journals, and Happy belated to Samantha!

Fun pictures, Tang! I'm so glad you guys had such an amazing trip - you deserved it! Next time I want to stow-away in your bag :).

ps: I loved seeing your journals too! Thanks for sharing & inspiring~

What a great trip! I'm glad it was so AMAZING!
Now we have to go to Seattle & you can be the tour guide :-)
Can't wait to hear more about the Harry Potter exhibition - how cool!

What an inspiring post!
love it :)

I just clued in that you went to JOURNALFEST! Wow! How fun! One day I'm going to get there...

Thanks for posting your pics. :)

FUN! I need to go there someday...looks beautiful! You really DO have a teenager - wow!

Oh my goodness....this looks like a dreamy trip!!! Good for you!!!

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