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November 06, 2010


Thank you for your gorgeous (as always) graffiti!

Love this! Thank you.

Thank you so is beautiful!!!

great splatters Tangie!!! Thanks!

Thank you!! These are great!

Thank you for the splatters!!

Thanks, Tangie. Love the layered stamps

Beautiful work - manuy thanks!

WOW, beautiful gift! TYVM!!

Thanks Tangie. Love your splatters.

Very cool - thank you!

Thank you for the so darling frame clusters. I appreciate your use of felt fabric within your designs.

Wow! These are just so wondrously designed to use as is, or to blend onto papers and within photo clusters. Thank you! I am definitely hooked on brushes.
(Please disregard previous comments. I tried to delete without success. I am using speaking software, and the DragonPad software placed my prior remarks. I should have checked more closely.)

Love this! Thanks so much :)

Thanks, TAngie!

Great borders! Love the graffiti! Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you.

Thank you!

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

Fun Freebie! Thank you :)
I love how different it is from everyone else's!!

Th♥nks for sharing your time and talents with us =}

I'm so grateful that you kept the link alive a little longer! I saw your overlay on one of the QP giveaways and I fell so in love but I didn't know where to get it and I was sure it would be gone by now - I'm so happy I found you! These are so gorgeous, I'm thrilled to pieces to have them :) They'll make any LO more special - thank you again!

Thank you! So cool!


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